Stephen Bain

Freelance Photographer

Stephen Bain's passion for photography is evident in more than just the final photograph. Bain dedicates himself to each photograph he crafts, aligning each element to create a memorable, timeless image. With more than eight years of experience, Bain's portrait, lifestyle, and wedding photography are among the best in Salt Lake City.

He enjoys using traditional film for much of his creative portrait, and personal work, but stays up to date with current technological advancements in digital photography and digital post production.

The Basics

Stephen Bain has been studying photography since 2009, and has had multiple opportunities working for extremely talented photographers over the past 9 years. He loves making photographs of landscapes and working on creative portraits for his own personal interest when not working in commercial productions.


I'm working on some pretty cool servers for video dudes again. Mostly I'm taking concepts and engineering solutions for highly streamlined digital processing. It's pretty often that I'm told what I'm trying to accomplish is impossible and no solution exists...but I'll always find a way.